Introducing: Grayson Drum


Grayson Drum–“Love to All People Thru Sonic Empathy Drum Songs”

Grayson Drum’s debut album is a sterling collection of heartfelt songs featuring insightful depictions of life in Nashville, TN and Charlotte, NC. Grayson’s masterful instrumental and vocal performances are enhanced by his expertise as a storyteller. With homespun yarns that are alternatively uplifting, hilarious, and  poignant, the album draws you into a world filled with memorable characters, steeped in authenticity and sincerity; and a deeply personal world at that. The songs are quirky, optimistic, colorful, spiritual and philosophical. They contain memorable commentary about our distinctively American ethos, while paying  homage to a cornucopia of musical genres, including blues, folk, bluegrass, country, rock and jazz. This is Americana at its best.

The tracks in this collection contain a wide range of moods and messages, like the unbridled optimism of “Pine Top Guitar,” and  the spirituality of Divining Stick, both of which are bouncy foot-tappers that celebrate the power of faith, ingenuity and self confidence.  In contrast, “Spring Hill Cemetary”and “Gulf War Syndrome” are hauntingly beautiful, gut-wrenching and unflinching stories of grief and loss; it is nearly impossible to listen to those tunes without feeling waves of sadness and empathy.

Grayson satirizes the over-development of rural areas in the name of “progress”  with the infectious, bluegrass- infused “Less Ground to Cover,” followed by a metaphysical  and philosophical world view in “To the Track”, which is laden with arcane references to ancient philosophers and mysticism. When listening  to such a broad range of ideas, a  listener might well ask themselves,” is  this artist  really only 30 years old”?

Nostalgia is the theme of Grayson’s earnest memoir,  “Wrestling is Real”, an fond rememberance highlighting the purity of childhood belief systems. He presents  a sonic time capsule  in “Secret Agent”, a  jaunty tale about the power of seduction,  presented joyously with the  old-time feel of a French Quarter Dixieland\jug  band.

“Laugh at Yourself,” is the hilarious misadventure of a young man whose career path has hit a few snags, yet who survives by embracing  the absurdity of the Universe..

“ At One” is a Zen-like tone poem,“ and sits in sharp contrast to the sweet, down-homevibe of  “Good Hearted People”, an uplifting statement that love and acceptance go a long way to ensure happiness.  Finally, ““Faith of the Blues”, the only selection that features guest musicians, pays tribute to the roots of traditional American music, and stands out as an authentically bluesy shoutout to the Masters of the musical arts. 

Grayson’s sheer talent as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist is nothing short of astounding, demonstrating great prowess on guitar, banjo, violin,  mandolin and bass. And, if that wasn’t enough, his voice is itself a unique and pliable instrument, displaying a mixture of power and vulnerability, maturity and childlike wonder, determination and surprisingly sensitivity. Every word and phrase of Gray’s vocal performance has a specific purpose in communicating his stories and underlying messages. You are sure to be drawn in by the artful manner in which he shares his ideas. 

 I am honored to have recorded and co-produced this album for a rising artist whose voice deserves to be heard everywhere and anywhere, and I fully  expect that his work will be enjoyed for its refreshing blend of images, insights, and emotions that should resonate with all music fans. 

“LTAPTSE Drum Songs” will make you laugh, cry, and at times fill you with wonder.  It immerses you into the uniqueness of everyday life and memorable, even historic locations (such as Spring Hill Cemetery), populated with people you care about, and it suggests that despite the seeming randomness of everything, there is a an underlying universal order within the chaos of our shared experience. It’s a most delightful entry into the Americana musical genre, and is not to be missed. 

You can listen to the full album on all digital platforms, including YouTube:  Love to All People Thru Sonic Empathy Drum Songs


Dave Maffris

@The Shed